A downloadable game for Windows

NOTE: INCOMPLETE (Made for "Themed Horror Jam #6" in June 2022)

Made in the Unity Engine, this game was to be about investigating a mad science outbreak on a dormant space station, absorbing different radiation levels by moving the ship around star systems and working around the effects they had on the different rooms. Planned with the structure of a small N64-era Zelda dungeon, the project is incomplete due to some overreaching ideas and work obligations repeatedly impeding progress for other team members.

As is, the player can roam around and clip through doors of the mostly untextured station and interact with one fully animated enemy roaming the halls and rafters. The star map guidance is functional though it doesn't affect anything beyond the lights that show up indicating which of the three flavours of radiation are being absorbed or cancelled out (ionising, non-ionising and ultraviolet).

To contribute ambience, the ship is very dark with limited visibility, a mask breathing sound plays on a loop at all times and ambient audio plays throughout over the top of it. In the screenshots tab are some unused models, pieces of concept art drawn up by me and a vector graphics map intended as a guide to go alongside the moodboards and other pieces of inspiration shared on the team's Discord server.


Those who weren't able to contribute but will get a hearty salute anyway:

  • 3D Artist: Gabriel (Froggity)
  • Sound Artist: Rob (Abstrkt)

Install instructions

Download, unzip and double-click "HorrorGame_Jam"

No menus and no quit function due to lack of time, so if you want to close the game, you'll have to hit ctrl+alt+del to bring up task manager and force the program to close.


HorrorGameJam.zip 31 MB


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Played the incomplete version. Got a gasp out of me, when I went to ctrl alt delete exit after wandering a while and suddenly the creature got me! Looks like some neat concepts.