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Unleashed in 1991 by Australian game design team A Couple A’ Cowboys, NIGHTMARE and ATMOSFEAR was a board game series designed to be played alongside a video that delivered tasks and scares to screens around the world.

The games rode the wave of popular culture multimedia for half a decade, nearly getting a movie adaptation and becoming the island nation’s top entertainment exports before dropping off the Earth and into the realm of collector’s shelves and Halloween game nights.

Now for the original release’s 30th anniversary comes possibly the most ambitious creative project to emerge from the community: a fan project taking after a planned PRIMA SECRETS OF THE GAMES sourcebook that was never published!

Author GEORGE A. CHEAL is an independent video game designer from London and under THE BONSAI TREEHOUSE moniker, has spent more than eight months seeking to elucidate the captivatingly nightmarish world of THE OTHER SIDE and bring it to life on the page.

The history of everything ATMOSFEAR-related is laid out in the pages of this tome: all the video board games as they hit the market shelves, the world of THE OTHER SIDE as it was inked onto game boards and instruction pamphlets along with all the characters who inhabited it as they were depicted in colourful grizzly detail in the game tapes including the host of each big release, THE GATEKEEPER himself!

  • Proofreader: 'Tommy from Widescreen'
  • Special Thanks: 'marr0w' aka 'Rev.Dr. DarkKnightNNY' and 'DarkWolff' from the 'Well Of Fears' Atmosfear fan forums hosted by marr0w Productions

Read in browser via Google Drive: https://t.co/ep3gOnDbzv

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